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Warning Signs of Trouble

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The bookkeeper or office manager usually notices the trouble first! With the automation of bookkeeping systems such as MYOB and Xero, bookkeepers are now spending less time uploading banking transactions so could be spending more time providing better reports to their clients.

Often a business owner or manager is struggling with an issue within their business especially when it involves conflict on any level.  As conflict situations are usually hazed by emotion, it usually results a reaction of procrastination, avoidance or denial.  However, the breakthrough point, to see through the emotion of a situation, can be when the facts and right information is simply revealed.

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A bookkeeper can provide that key information which may unlock the stalwart stress or blinding barrier to success in a business.

Not only do bookkeepers process critical financial information, they may sit inside a company and hear or see what is going on.  Whether it be anecdotal or quantified evidence, a bookkeeper is often privy to the good, bad and ugly of the operations, administration and management of a business.

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Having a good working relationship with the owner and armed with evidential information, a bookkeeper may at least show the owner/manager the relevant information, and explain what it means in terms of the business issues.  At worst, the discussion and data may get the ball rolling as a thought starter or it may even provide the ‘aha revelation’ that solves a critical problem for the owner/manager.

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Bookkeepers may also sense if the owner/manager is out of his or her depth. Understanding how to help the owner/manager can be as easily as understanding what some of the key triggers might be and then when and where to get good advice.

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