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Business Embassy shares this trades and engineering case study to summarise the value of resolving workplace problems and reducing inventory costs.


  • Father wanting to retire
  • Successor not in place
  • Internal conflict between family and other staff
  • Key employees had longevity but unsuitable for roles
  • Poor productivity throughout business
  • Cash flow spent on unnecessary products and supplies
  • Bookkeeping and administration process outmoded
  • Bullying and poor performance prevalent

What We Did


Defined and clarified decision making and approval processes between directors


Identified poor performers/redundancy and removed from business


Added people management capability, recommending and then supporting additional responsibilities to be given to the non-working family Director – with our ongoing guidance and direct mentoring

Workforce Improvements

Set new standards for all employees

  1. Updated workplace compliance
  2. Introduced anti-bullying and harassment
  3. Conducted anti-bullying and harassment briefing and policies
  4. Provided guidance and policy on zero drug and alcohol procedures
  5. Provided guidance and policy on discipline and termination procedures
  6. Wrote new employment contracts for all staff
  1. Updated Award and pay rate information applicable to the business
  2. Provided guidance on how to manage and review new employees within probation period
  3. Advised how to address excessive breaks, and change start and finish times


Feedback from the owners, managers and employees:

“Increased productivity by over 110%
and everyone is so much happier”

“We now have cash flow
and not going broke”

“We are now in control of our business”

“It’s fantastic, we just push the button for your phone number
and we get answers straight away”

“The family members are all happy
and excited about the new business that is flooding in”

“The business is not bogged down on conflict, or unproductive
and damaging work practices”

“Having you gives us peace of mind that we can make changes
and not get into hot water”

“We are focused on the future and deal with the issues
as they arise not let them fester”

“We are now confident in making the right decisions
and growing the business”

Financial Benefit

Saved more than $700,000 per annum

  • Direct labour costs

    In excess of $300k per annum (after termination costs)

  • Inventory management

    Reduced excess stockpile and expenditure = $175k

  • Employee attendance

    Reduced absenteeism = $150k per annum (return of key employees)

  • Productivity

    Improved time management = $60k per annum (minimum)

  • Correct Information

    Uncovered payroll errors = saved $20k (minimum)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cost = less than $9,000

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