Workplace Compliance Training

We give you the information, documents and advice so you can employ lawfully

We conduct in house and public workshops to explain how Workplace Compliance applies to your business

All Australian bu

sinesses need to employ lawfully

We give you the lawful employment contracts to suit your business

We provide the key employment policies required for your industry

Our advice explains how to apply the key employment laws and obligations to stay lawful

We guide you to hire, keep, and terminate employees lawfully

Learn how to employ lawfully - call to book an on site seminar


Reduce Risks

Know your obligations
Know your protections

Gain Confidence

Stress-free steps to compliance

Manage Problems

Learn what to do
Take away examples

Get Trained

It’s your business. Non-compliance is expensive. Registration is $350 per person.

Email us with your participants’ names, your ABN and business details. We will email you an invoice and payment instructions.

What is Workplace Compliance?

Workplace compliance also extends beyond our workplace. Businesses have obligations and responsibilities in how we deal with external parties, including suppliers, customers, and the public.

Get a half-day of training for your managers. We are Your Go To Experts for in-person training or webinar training on the current Australian rules and laws. Classes are led by Business Embassy’s HR experts who have over 20-years of experience with Australian workplace compliance.

Need a private workplace compliance course customised to your industry? Email – attention: Kathleen Tierney.

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The most common compliance risks are in employment. For example, the cost of responding to an Unfair dismissal can be around $30,000, even if you are a small business. Ignorance is not acceptable as an excuse. The Fair Work rules are applied equally to small businesses or corporations for breaching the many different Australian laws and obligations.

Our seminar focuses on recognising and preventing the most common workplace compliance issues. We also cover general tips health & safety, corporate compliance, business protections, and consumer protections. We help you decide how much work and what types of work may be needed to protect your business in your market.

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Why Does Compliance Matter?

Would you know a workplace compliance violation if the issue arose? Workplace compliance is the personal and professional obligations and requirements set by multiple Australian agencies. A business’s managers and their employees need to know how to comply.

This 4-hour open-enrolment course summarises what the current compliance issues are across corporate obligations, Fair Work Australia, consumer protections and employer protections. Learn what to look for and the first step to addressing a risk before it becomes an issue.

Need to talk this over with the management?

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Who Should Attend?

  • Company Owners and Directors
  • Managers and team leaders
  • Front line supervisors
  • Office administrators
  • HR Professionals
  • CFO’s, accountants

Workshop take-aways include:

Attendees will leave the Workplace Compliance Training with tools and example wording they can immediately apply to the business.

  • FairWork Information Statement
  • Introduction to the National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Australian Privacy Principles Guide
  • Workplace Privacy Best Practices Guide
  • Quick Guide to Discrimination Laws
  • What is Unlawful Workplace Discrimination
  • Company Policy – Anti-discrimination and harassment
  • Company Policy – Anti-bullying and workplace behaviours
  • Company Policy – Discipline and Termination Policy
  • Template – New Employee Letter of Offer
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