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1.0 Decisions and Inputs before you hire

  1.  Values, mission, vision statements for your business
  2. Organisation charts
  3. Company employee handbooks for your industry
  4. Plans to address your staff requirements
  5. Business workforce plan template & guide


2.1 How best to describe the job and who you want to employ

  1. Design the key elements for the Job using an analysis form
  2. Position Description Form – General
  3. Position Description Form – Graduate/ Entry Level
  4. Position Description Form – Skilled (3-5yrs)
  5. Position Description Form – Operations Manager
  6. Position Description Form – Business Development Manager
  7. Position Description Form – HR Manager
  8. Position Description Form – Financial Control
  9. Position Description Form – Office Manager

2.2 Best ways to find employees

  1. Description of the different types of Employment (casual, permanent, full time, part time, contractor etc)
  2. What are the different methods of Recruitment – Advertising, agency, etc
  3. Apprentice & Trainee Recruitment Guideline
  4. Graduate Recruitment Guideline
  5. Job Announcement Template
  6. Job Advertising Template

2.3 Documents to help you choose the right person for your business

  1. Prepare to hire – recruitment and selection checklist
  2. Job Application form
  3. Interview Skills & Guidelines
  4. Interview Questions
  5. Sample Reference Questions
  6. Candidate Information Checklist
  7. Reference check form
  8. Letters to applicant – not successful
  9. Shortlisting Matrix
  10. Recruitment Process & Checklist
  11. Recruitment process map
  12. Selection process map
  13. Recruitment Guideline

2.4 Essential paperwork and information to hire

  1. Your checklist for starting new employees
  2. Letter of Engagement – award/ non-Award
  3. Employment Agreement
  4. Independent Contractors Agreement
  5. Confidentiality Agreement
  6. Non-disclosure Agreement
  7. Work Experience Agreement

2.5 Forms and Documents To Help You Start A New Employee

  1. Record keeping: Employee Information Form
  2. Employee Timesheet Form
  3. Leave Application Form
  4. Leave Record Form
  5. Cashing out Annual Leave Form
  6. Employee Roster Template
  7. Overtime, time off in-lieu & shift work payment procedure
  8. How to Induct a New Employee
  9. Superannuation Procedure and Forms
  10. Staff Induction Checklist

2.6 Essential Policies All Employees Need to Know

  1. Recruitment Policy
  2. Agency Policy
  3. Induction Policy
  4. Probation Policy
  5. Code of Conduct Policy
  6. Leave Policy
  7. Dress Code Policy
  8. IT, Internet, Email & Social Media Policies
  9. Information Technology (IT) Security Policy
  10. Conflict of Interest Policy
  11. Intellectual Property Policy
  12. Theft, Misappropriation and Fraud Policy
  13. Drug & Alcohol Policy
  14. Fit for work Policy
  15. Prevention & Management of stress Policy
  16. Pregnancy at work Policy
  17. Quality Policy
  18. Health & Safety Policy
  19. Dangerous goods & hazardous materials Policy
  20. Environmental Policy
  21. Emergency Policy and Procedures
  22. Services Provision Policy
  23. Shared Areas and Recreation Facilities Policy
  24. Company Vehicle Policy
  25. On Site Driving Policy
  26. Injury management Policy
  27. Behaviour in the Workplace Policy
  28. Training & Development Policy
  29. Performance Management Policy
  30. Performance Improvement Policy
  31. Flexible working arrangements Policy
  32. Gross/ Serious Misconduct Policy
  33. Discipline & Termination Policy
  34. Equal Employment and Elimination of Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying Policy
  35. Return to work Policy
  36. Employee Benefits Policy
  37. Grievance Complaints Policy
  38. Employee Referral Bonus Policy
  39. Workers Compensation Policy

2.7 Health, Safety & Environment

  1. OH&S Consultation Statement
  2. HSE Inspection Form
  3. Incident Report Form
  4. Medicals Procedure (pre-employment)
  5. Workers Compensation Return to Work Procedure
  6. Incident Reporting & Injury Management Procedure
  7. Personal Protective Equipment Procedure


3.0 Employee Management Procedures

  1. 360 Degree feedback form
  2. Performance Appraisals procedure
  3. Performance Review form
  4. Development plan form
  5. Performance Management Procedure
  6. Performance improvement plan
  7. Meeting Forms & Process
  8. Employee Payslip
  9. Study assistance application form
  10. Remuneration management procedure
  11. Grievance Procedure
  12. Salary Sacrifice Agreement
  13. Employee Referral Bonus Program
  14. Expense Reimbursement form
  15. Formal Notice of First Warning Letter


4.0 Workforce Growth & Changes

  1. Training Assessment Form
  2. Employee Training Register
  3. Promotions Letter
  4. Performance Key Result Areas
  5. Incentive Strategy for Career Development
  6. Transition to Retirement
  7. Flexible Work Arrangements
  8. Employee Skills and Knowledge Upgrade
  9. Management Handbook
  10. Mentoring Programs
  11. Restructuring
  12. Business Succession Planning
  13. Redundancy Procedure
  14. Redundancy Notice
  15. Redundancy the Next Day
  16. Redundancy Suggested Script
  17. Employee Exit Form & Checklist
  18. Employee Exit Guide

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