Employee Management Service

We will do it for you! Don't have time to manage your employees?

As part of our employee management service, we work with you to set appropriate performance expectations for each employee.

  • Ensure all your employees have clear direction and defined performance expectations
  • Provide two-way communication process between employees and management
  • Monitor performance of employees
  • Identify great performance
  • Identify potential issues – poor performance, overworked, common themes
  • Give guidance on how to address and resolve issues
  • Make recommendations for strategies for long term success
  • User-friendly, online HR management system

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Set Up Checklist

  1. Agreed Policies
  2. Agreed Procedures
  3. Agreed Forms
  4. Employment contract for each employee
  5. Job Description per employee
  6. Set performance Objectives per employee
  7. Employee email addresses
  8. Employee information
  9. Privacy Policy/Agreement
  10. Confidentiality Agreement
  11. Meetings with Owner/CEO
  12. Service Level Agreement (what in/out of scope)
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How We Manage Employees for You

Weekly with Each Employee

We make weekly contact with every employee and ask them:

  1. Examples of how they progressed/met agreed performance expectations
  2. What they enjoy most about their job this week and why?
  3. What they enjoyed least about their job this week and why?

Weekly with Supervisors

  1. Provide weekly feedback/ updates to the supervisor(s)
  2. Register and track any issues until they are “closed out”
  3. We use agreed policies and procedures to guide employees and supervisors

Monthly Reports to Business Owner/CEO

  1. Any issues or themes
  2. Summary of progression against employee objectives
  3. Identification of great performance – employees and/or supervisors

Monthly with Supervisors

  1. Amend employee objectives
  2. Provide further guidance

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