Get your team together to discuss their issues in our interactive workshops.

We hold information sessions, workshops and coaching programs that will help you manage your business better.  Our workshops and coaching combine experience, case studies, real life examples and potential solutions.

We can answer your questions, including:

  1. Options to deal with that employee management issue keeping you awake at night
  2. How to build the right team for the jobs you need to get done
  3. What to do if your leadership style scares people
  4. Share with you the tricks to being a good boss
  5. Ideas to spend less $$’s on recruitment agencies
  6. What to do if you are paying your staff too much or not enough
  1. Who or what’s impacting your profit margin
  2. Is there a difference between business management and leadership
  3. How to be a great leader and achieve business success
  4. Define your business goals
  5. Best practice interview questions
  6. Improve teamwork and collaboration
  7. Deal with business growing pains
  8. Remove barriers to your success


Request private sessions or join our open enrolment events. Ask us your questions. Our workshops and coaching programs are conducted by experienced facilitators and subject matter experts who want to help you.

Workshops & Coaching to Suit You & Your Business

Our workshops and coaching programs are flexible to suit you and your business needs. We share our knowledge and expertise in ways that suit you. From round table discussions to classroom learning, our group workshops encourage vital input from all participants.  Bring us into your office or attend at our venues. Options to best suit you and your business include:

60 Minute Hot Topics

In house

Bring your team together

Active discussions

Learn & problem solving


Half day

Information & learning workshops

Key topic overview


One Day Interactive Skills Training

Detailed knowledge

Practice new skills

Case Studies

Real life examples

Two Day: Information, Learning & Skills Training

Interactive Learning

Multi Sub-topics

Skills Application

Tips & Tools

Personal Leadership Coaching Programs

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

One off Session

Be Your Best Programs

Business Management Mentoring Programs

Business Advisory

One off Session

Regular Support

Grow your business!

HR Management Mentoring Programs

HR Advisory

One off Session

Regular Support Program

Best Practice HR

Book a private workplace compliance training

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Introduction to Workplace Compliance Workshop

Learn how to employ Lawfully!

Attendees will leave the Workplace Compliance Training with tools and example wording they can immediately apply to the business.

  • FairWork Information Statement
  • Introduction to the National Employment Standards (NES)
  • Australian Privacy Principles Guide
  • Workplace Privacy Best Practices Guide
  • Quick Guide to Discrimination Laws
  • What is Unlawful Workplace Discrimination
  • Company Policy – Anti-discrimination and harassment
  • Company Policy – Anti-bullying and workplace behaviours
  • Company Policy – Discipline and Termination Policy
  • Template – New Employee Letter of Offer
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