Restructuring Case Study

Business Embassy utilises real-world experience with restructuring companies to address changes in the economy. Instead of guessing the changes you need to make, rely on Your Go To Experts to sort your business and workforce for you.

[block_title title=”Issues”][/block_title]
[list icon=”moon-pushpin”][list_item title=”Business needed to re-structure by 25% within one week”][/list]
[list icon=”moon-pushpin”][list_item title=”Staff were loyal and hard-working the business could no longer afford all of them”][/list]
[list icon=”moon-pushpin”][list_item title=”Owners/Business partners extremely stressed and had put off the final decision as long as possible”][/list]
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[block_title title=”What We Did”][/block_title]
[list icon=”steadysets-icon-unlocked2″][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Met with the owner’s/business partners and discussed options”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Provided guidance and strategies for them to make the necessary decisions”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Prepared the owners/business partners with direct support” desc=”- Worked through the acceptable selection criteria for redundancies
– Coached them through our prepared scripts and paperwork that was used in the redundancy sessions
– Coached them with prepared notes for remaining staff briefing”][/list]
[list icon=”steadysets-icon-unlocked2″][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Provided on-site support & coaching on the day of the redundancies for both the business owners/partners and the redundant employees” desc=”- Met with each person made redundant immediately after the advisement
– Empathetically checked that each person understood the terms of the redundancy
– Assessed emotional state and provided support for those dealing with the news of the redundancy
– Provided “next steps” advice and guidance for those made redundant with information packs”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Offered outplacement support to redundant employees included” desc=”- Review redundant employee’s resumes
– Provided follow up emails/phone calls if required
– Meet for coffee if they needed to discuss their career options/interview guidance”][/list]
[block_title title=”Results”][/block_title]

Reduced salary budget by $500,000 per annum

And, continue to operate more than two years later

[list icon=”linecon-icon-banknote”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Cash Flow” desc=”Released cash to keep the business going”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Maintained Positive Reputation” desc=”Reduced stress and maintained positive relationships between the business and past employees”][list_item style=”titledesc” title=”Protected Business” desc=”Ensured the business was financially sound and was able to operate for many more years”][/list]

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Cost = $2,500

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Business Embassy has supported with corporate and commercial ventures through market changes. We are Your Go To Experts for restructuring or growth changes.

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