Regional and Agriculture Businesses

Business Embassy helps regional, agricultural, silviculture and horticultural businesses.

That’s because our team understands how to apply employment obligations in all sized businesses. So, we’ll calculate your Fair Work, Award and other Workplace obligations.

We know that you want to treat your employees well and meet your Fair Work and other workplace obligations.
And, as HR specialists, we write Letters of Employment that suit your business. In doing so, we lawfully incorporate the particular way you run your operations.

For farm owners, we know this may include taking into account seasonal work, harvesting, spraying, time off in lieu of overtime, accommodation with or without keep and shearing.

Business Embassy provides low-cost online webinars for farming and rural businesses. Our webinars explain Fair Work and other workplace obligations.

So, feel free to phone us for a chat or email us with your questions about Fair Work, Employment and more.