Workplace Policies Customised

The Essential Workplace Policies Customised will assist employers with setting clear, consistent and lawful expectations and standards for all employees.

We will customise our templates by adding your Company logo, industry standard wording (for example from customers to clients) and other minor wording changes to reflect your business/industry. Select from a comprehensive suite of workplace policies.

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What is your policy?

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Workplace Policies Customised

We provide a product range that respects our customers as astute business owners.

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We provide a product range that respects our customers as astute business owners. Essential Workplace Policies -Customised will:

Assist our customers to protect their business, and acknowledge that:

  • there is increased industry awareness that getting the right employees is vital to business success
  • workplace compliance is important
  • most business owners desire to do the right thing by their valued employees
  • small businesses could better utilise opportunities (such as setting clear expectations)

Provide informative and ready-made employment policies that supports new and growing businesses to comply with the Fair Work Act and other regulatory requirements, and is:

  • applicable for all sized businesses whether employing one person to Australian-wide enterprises
  • easy to customise layouts
  • can be used for ISO compliance, contract tendering, and business insurance applications

Cut through the Workplace Compliance maze

  • tick the box toward getting the fundamentals in place
  • enhancing positive workplace cultures
  • just in time assistance for the fast-paced business owner

Once you have purchased and downloaded one or more policies, let all employees know the policies are now in place. Advise your employees to read, understand and how to apply the policies in all they do.

Policies Set the Tone for Your Operations and Management

Policies can demonstrate your senior leadership’s promise to good governance and lawful operations. The benefits of policies are to:

  • provide consistent guidance for employees and management
  • set the tone for all Company dealings both within and external to the business
  • include key laws applicable to employees, management and the Company
  • describe company standards and expectations without ambiguity
  • set a benchmark for both employees and management as to what is acceptable expectations within the workplace
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We also assist Companies with guidance, advice. Use our Online or Premium support service to contact our HR experts for assistance. If you would like information on how to support employee wellbeing or go to:

  • HR Help Support Service
  • HR Help Support – Premium Service

We can support you when dealing with an issue of employee wellbeing, health or safety issues. We are Your Go To Experts

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Select Policies

Behaviour in the Workplace Policy, Code of Conduct Policy, Conflict of Interest Policy, Equal Opportunity and Elimination of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy, Flexible Working Arrangements Policy, Grievance Complaints Policy and Procedure, IT, Internet, Email and Social Media Policy, New Employee Probation Policy, Recruitment Policy, Theft, Misappropriation and Fraud Policy, Training and Development Policy and Procedure, Company Vehicle Policy, Dangerous Goods/Hazardous Materials Policy, Drug and Alcohol in the Workplace Policy, Emergency Policy and Procedure, Fitness for Work Policy, Prevention of Stress Policy, Return to Work Policy, Workers Compensation Policy, Workplace Health and Safety Policy, Environmental Impact Policy, Driving on Site Policy, Discipline and Termination Policy, Gross or Serious Misconduct Policy, Performance Improvement Policy, Performance Management Policy, Dress Code Policy

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We also assist Companies with guidance, advice and support when dealing with HR, employee or workplace issues.

Contact us or go to our HR Help Premium Service

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Phone: 08 9 278 2552

Note: We are not a legal or accounting company and do not provide legal or financial services or advice. Contact a lawyer for legal advice and an accountant for financial and taxation advice.

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