Training, Learning and Development Policy

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The Training, Learning and Development Policy is suitable for all sized businesses. When implemented, this policy provides guiding principles for staff participation in training, learning, and developmental opportunities. The Training, Learning and Development Policy outlines the Company commitment to employees professional development and continuous improvement.


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Grow your business capability

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Employee Skills Improve Profit

Great People management is characterised by clear and consistent standards of appropriate and professional behaviour across the whole Company. Further, such policies can demonstrate senior leadership’s promise to good governance and lawful operations. So, a concise Training, Learning and Development Policy endorsed by senior leadership can be a powerful statement.

We suggest you use this Policy when setting appropriate standards within your company. Also, it is best to apply the Training, Learning and Development Policy across the company, and in conjunction with other policies including

  • Performance Improvement Policy
  • New Employee Probation Policy
  • Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination and Bullying Policy
  • Recruitment Policy

Once you have purchased and downloaded one or more policies, let all employees know the policies are now in place. Advise your employees to read, understand and how to apply the policies in all they do.

Policies Set the Tone for Your Operations and Management

Policies can demonstrate your senior leadership’s promise to good governance and lawful operations. The benefits of policies are to:

  • provide consistent guidance for employees and management
  • set the tone for all Company dealings both within and external to the business
  • include key laws applicable to employees, management and the Company
  • describe company standards and expectations without ambiguity
  • set a benchmark for both employees and management as to what is acceptable expectations within the workplace

We also assist Companies with guidance, advice. Use our Online or Premium support service to contact our HR experts for assistance. If you would like information on how to support employee wellbeing or go to:

  • HR Help Support Service
  • HR Help Support – Premium Service

We can support you when dealing with an issue of employee wellbeing, health or safety issues. We are Your Go To Experts

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