Position Description – Premium Service

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The Position Description Premium Service – are ready-made, easy to implement documents. Our fully customised Position Descriptions set out the sections for key responsibilities that define success for a particular role in your company. It is a straightforward document that will include your company related information for the relevant functions, accountabilities, tasks, and general information about the role/s.

The Position Description – Premium Service is suitable for those managers/owners/administrators/HR who want a completed document that reflects your business information, and is customised to a specific role and priorities within your company.

Position Description – Premium Service

Position (or Job) Descriptions provide clarity and guidance for employees and managers. They are valuable documents to assist employees productivity and confidence. Well written position descriptions identify the core aspects of a role, and the company defined expectations for employee success.

Position Descriptions are best when written to describe the role itself (not an individual) in consideration of the business needs, industry benchmarking, and realistic expectations.

How to use a Position Description?

Ideally, Positions Descriptions are part of a process, which best follows as being:

1) conduct a job analysis as preparation

2) write the Position Description for the role, and then

3) assess and define more specific performance expectations and development opportunities for the individual who is performing the role.

This means that while the Position Description doesn’t change unless the role itself does, the individual employee may be at one of various levels of capability and performance outlined in the when assigned the role. For example,

  • initially the employee may start as learning the role, and therefore not meeting all the criteria outlined in the Position Description.
  • over a reasonable period of time, the employee becomes more experienced and capable within the role, and therefore starts to consistently meet the documented expectations;
  • until at some stage, the employee becomes fully proficient, always meets and may exceed the requirements in the document.

At each of these stages, your company may review the employee’s capability, performance, and productivity against the Position Description to ensure and adjust alignment in salary.

Also, Position Descriptions are helpful when recruiting to guide the hiring manager when advertising, interviewing, and selecting the successful candidate.

Who should buy the Position Description – Premium Service?

Any sized Australian businesses who are hiring or looking to define job expectations for employees.

The Position Description – Premium Service is suitable for those managers/owners/administrators/HR who want a completed document that reflects your particular business information, and is customised to specific role and priorities within your company.


Prefer a DIY Template or Standard Position Description?

If you prefer a ready-made solution we offer two products with less customisation. These are the Position Description – Standard customisation or a DIY template.

  1. The Position Description – Custom Standard Service – customised document is written and completed by Business Embassy on behalf of the customer. The document provided will be a Business embassy standard format with some customised information including Customer Business logo, generic role information and standard wording consistent with your industry.
  2. The Position Description – DIY Template – The document provided will be a Business Embassy standard blank template with guiding headings so that you Can’then fill in the details.

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