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Our Premium Support Services listed in this category are easy solutions. They are all virtual solutions that are designed specifically to suit your business.

We provide you with direct support with Premium Support Service products that will be customised to your business.

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We help you by customising your selected templates, provide professional advice with a workplace issue and much more.

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For us to deliver your Premium Support Services we will require your business information. We will contact you firstly by email and book an appointment to for a phone discussion as necessary.

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  • HR Help – Premium Support Service

    $365.00 inc GST
  • Letter of Employment – Premium Service

    $385.00 inc GST
  • Leadership Support and Development

    $365.00 inc GST
  • HR Mentoring Program and Support

    $365.00 inc GST
  • Pay rates, Salary and Workplace Compliance Support Service

    $385.00 inc GST
  • Position Description – DIY Template

    $35.00 inc GST
  • Position Description – Customised (Standard)

    $195.00 inc GST
  • Position Description – Premium Service

    $385.00 inc GST
  • Rates of Pay Compliance Audit – Premium Service

    $4,050.00 inc GST
  • Rates of Pay Compliance Audit – Standard Service

    $2,192.00 inc GST
  • Hiring New Employees – Support Service

    $7,870.00 inc GST
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