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Meanwhile, what is HR Help?

HR Help is for when you need advice, guidance, documents or processes for managing staff.

It is the people management side of your  business. So two key facts:

  1. Australia has many rules and regulations as to how people are managed in EVERY business; and
  2. doing the right thing and managing employees well will deliver better business.

Not subscription based!

Our HR Help is not subscription based. Buy our HR Help as a once off to get you set up properly or to sort a problem.

Our clients typically buy blocks of time and specific services for us to help them with people management issues and processes. So, we have now made that an option available to all customers.

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We’ve made it easy for you to pick and choose exactly what you need for your business.  Browse through our extensive range of products and services for a wide menu of people management support – from hiring, to firing and everything in between.

Meanwhile, select our HR Help Online Support. if you have a particular issue or need advice.

Pick our HR Help Online if you prefer to email your questions through to us. Or, choose our HR Help – Premium Support if you would rather speak to one of our experts. We can even arrange an onsite visit for most metro areas.

* Our advice and guidance is based on best practice HR expertise and we are not a legal service.

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