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Do you need your Workplace Policies customised and ready to go? We’ll do it for you!

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Meanwhile, what’s different between each of our two levels of customisation available? …

  1. Standard Customisation Service – add your company logo, business name and address, and replace the key words (“client”, “employee”, “management”) in the template to match yours – for example “customer”, “staff” “Directors”.  Policy content text will not be changed.
  2. Premium Customisation Service  –  include the Standard service,  plus add/delete content from the template text to match your business practices and procedures. Or, we can create a new unique policy for your business.

Remember when you purchase the level of customisation that suits you…

Standard or Premium customisation service products are per Policy product purchase. So for EACH POLICY you would like us to customise you need to buy that number of either Standard or Premium Customisation Services.  

Contact us here  if you have any questions about the customisation process.

We’ll keep your policies updated

*Register at purchase and for the first 12 months, we will send you any updates to your policy if the employment laws change and impact the policy content.

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  • Customise Your Workplace Policy – Standard Service

    $59.00 inc GST
  • Customised Workplace Policy – Premium Service

    $185.00 inc GST
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