Life Styles Inventory (LSI) & Coaching

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Business owners and managers often cannot accurately see how their leadership impacts their employees, customers, and suppliers. Fix your leadership problems by uncovering your natural strengths and knowing your uncomfortable weaknesses.

Our coaching services come in two formats to fit different needs:

[services_large title=”Intensive Seminar” icon=”moon-compass”]We combine our LSI accredited assessment and coaching lead by Kathleen Tierney. You can also add the LSI to the HUMAN MANAGER seminar to get the most out of an individual’s understanding of self.[/services_large]
[services_large title=”Private Coaching” icon=”steadysets-icon-settings”]Or, you may choose a private assessment from Kathleen Tierney and our LSI accredited consultants. The consultant coaches you through the tactics and steps to improve your leadership using your inherent styles on an on-going basis online or in your office.[/services_large]
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Business Embassy uses the Life Styles Inventory (LSI), a tool designed by Human Synergistics, to assess 12 thinking and behavioral styles. The styles are made from a combination of a self-assessed and external inputs from employees and colleagues.

Business Embassy is practical about leadership. We will show you how your leadership styles integrate with employee management requirements and workplace compliance requirements.

If you find that these changes are all too much, too fast, we can provide you with a short-term on ongoing employee management service. Our Business Embassy experts manage the weekly management of employees and provide a weekly and monthly summary to supervisors. Our management summary recommends actions to address issues and we follow up with both the employee and manager until the issues are resolved.

We are Your Go To Experts for discovering how to use your unique styles to lead people. We will coach you through steps to become more effective at motivating employees, handling difficult people, and balancing personal leadership expectations.

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The real benefit of the LSI is the reality check. Using the differences and matches in the external assessments and self-assessment, the LSI consultant coaches participants in understanding how their individual strengths and weaknesses effect others. Large differences between your perception of how you believe you impact others, against how others see you in earnest  is a marker of potential communication problems.

The LSI system was developed in 1971 in the US based upon extensive research. The experience of the LSI consultant is key to matching the participant’s styles to changes that better fit their role and workplace.

Many owners and managers are ineffective or even disruptive in their organization due to a lack of understanding of their impact on their workforce. The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) is a tool used to accurately assess the behavioural styles of a manager.