Executive Director

Kathleen Tierney is the Executive Director and Owner of Business Embassy and its parent company, Career Embassy.

She has a Bachelor of Business, an MBA and over 20 years of executive experience. Kathleen has lived and worked in Melbourne, Sydney, USA, and the UK. She is now based in Perth, Australia.

Kathleen believes that great leadership and business success is achieved and sustained by connecting with our personal values. She sees success coming from enduring authenticity, respect, trust and integrity. Kathleen takes a gutsy yet thoughtful approach to decision making. Her leadership strategies are built on a balance of inspiration and personal accountability.

In addition to her professional work, Kathleen spends time volunteering in the community, including teaching homeless youth how to get jobs and as a Voluntary Board Member of the Juliana Village Aged Care Facility (Sydney).

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For a detailed history of Kathleen’s experience, see her LinkedIN profile