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I Hate Managing People!

Over several decades of being in HR I have never had anyone say they love managing staff.

In fact, many supervisors and managers have confessed they don’t even like talking to people. They find it uncomfortable and put off having to do so as long as possible.  My observations is that when it comes to conversations between a boss and an employee it seems that football, the weather or the latest cat videos trending on social media are the most comfortable and common.

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Conversations between Managers and employees really fall into three broad categories – too much, too little or just right.  Getting it just right can seem like a challenge.  Especially when we add the daunting layer of workplace compliance, and potential laws that might impact what we can and cannot say in the workplace.

In the corporate world, typically, managers are taught that they should always be very clear and articulate expectations for employees. These expectations are then written into job descriptions and ideally aligned with business objectives under the headings of Key Result Areas.  The managers are then required to give employees ongoing feedback as they are to monitor and measure progress for success or otherwise, then manage the employee accordingly.

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However, most managers find this whole performance management process tedious, time consuming and difficult.  But, employees need and want this two-way communication so they will feel valued and supported in doing their job.

So, at Business Embassy we have solved this dilemma. We will manage your people for you. We take this necessary but time consuming task off your managers.

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