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The Right to Hire and Fire

Right to hire and fire Business Embassy blog

You have the right to hire and fire.

Here in Australia, you must always ensure that you treat employees with respect. If you need to terminate someone’s employment it must be done properly and lawfully.

We advise and guide business owners through the process of people management. Should they need to terminate an employee, we work with the owners to ensure that the termination is lawful and respectful.

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However, I can’t count how many times, a business owner or manager has said to me “I can’t keep that person in my business, but I don’t want to do [the actual firing].”   Having to terminate an employee is emotionally challenging, whether it be the very sad situation of having to make a long-term, loyal employee redundant; a new hire on probation that’s just not working out; or when you have an extreme case of an employee who has been involved in a clear case of gross misconduct.

I’ve seen very calm experienced senior executives stress so much that they can’t speak in their 100th redundancy discussion; and the sternest of business owners so anxious that they don’t go through with the termination even though the employee had punched a client in the face; and a gentle soul of a manager become manic and yelling (at me, his venting buddy), before he had to face his employee who had been given 50 chances to improve performance.

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It’s not a good experience to have terminate an employee. I’ve been told I am being mean because I am not paying the payroll manager his fraudulently calculated entitlements; I’ve been protected by five body guards when the police had warned me of the dangerous nature of the employee I was terminating; and I have held back the tears when I knew the person was from then on, unemployable.

Business Embassy compassionately and professionally guides owners and managers through the traumatic process of employee terminations.   Our termination procedures and documents have been applied many thousands of times over, with the right outcomes. We treat all employees with respect and dignity.