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Business Embassy brings the lessons learned in corporate to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Find out how Your Go To Experts have helped a civil and construction startup in this family startup case study.


  • The owner had no previous business management experience nor corporate experience
  • The owner was sitting in an office, with a new company name but no customers
  • The family was reliant upon business success
  • Owner had lots of ideas but no business plan

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What We Did

Weekly mentoring plus half-day strategy sessions

  • Defined what “success” would look like and articulated milestones to be achieved
  • Determined resource plan
  • Identified target market and “ideal client”
  • Produced a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business)
  • Guidance on who to approach and how to go about meeting with potential corporate clients
  • Follow up sessions


Results within 6 months

  • Positive Cash Flow

    Established cash-positive with savings and investments for future growth

  • Income

    Landed two-year contracts with a major mining company

  • Joint Venture & Partnership

    Achieved a successful Joint Venture and partnership that complimented and leveraged the strengths and opportunities

  • Acheived Financial Goals

    Employed family members

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Cost = $1,975

Why We Do It

The experts who founded Business Embassy saw startups and family businesses struggling with common business problems. The founders want to share their commercial business experience with all types of businesses.

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